Next Adventure in the Making, Utah!

Kwin and I are always scheming what our next adventure is going to be. Whether it be a quick weekend trip or something big, we’re always on the go.

“Take every chance you get in life, because somethings only happen once.”


Our next adventure is going to be a road trip out to Moab, Utah!  There is something about the red rocks, sunny skies, mountainous terrain, and vast open spaces that we are both drawn to. Moab is one of Kwin’s favorite travel locations and I’m so excited to finally be getting out there. Being that Kwin has been to Moab so many times already he’s created a pretty great itinerary of must go places (but always leaving room for additions/new places we find!)


-Slick Rock    -Corona Arch     -Moab Rim Trail    -Canyon Lands     -Arches

-Fischer Towers      -Horse Shoe Rim    -Dinosaur Tracks    -Porcupine Rim

While in Moab we plan on setting up camp in our little camper along the Colorado River. We don’t let a second go to waste while traveling so our days will be filled with hiking, mountain biking, paddling/white water rafting on our Stand Up Paddle boards and eating good food at all the local places!


Getting Ready

We are two and a half weeks out from leaving and have officially started prepping for the big trip. The adventure will start with a 24 hour road trip in our tightly packed truck, while pulling our camper along behind. It will be exhausting, especially the treacherous flat planes of Nebraska and Iowa, but worth it none the less.13782075_10207287638849001_3749703708066992300_n

 Kwin has been working on the camper all winter, making improvements so that everything runs smoothly.  We absolutely love our pop-up camper, as it is perfect for traveling and quick set up!

As a couple, Kwin and I are able to easily delegate tasks based on each others strengths and weaknesses. While Kwin is in charge of maintenance and itinerary planning, I usually take care of the little detail planning and getting everything else together .

What we will be bringing:

-Tahoe SUP inflatable paddle boards:

-Mountain and Road Bikes

-Cooking utensils: portable grill, portable stove, pots, pans, eating utensils,

-Hiking gear

-Tent for backcountry camping under the stars one night

-Lots of other safety equipment: headlamps, bear spray, portable shower

-Dog gear: food, leash and collar, booties

-Electronics: power cords, camera, GoPro, Drone, portable charger, solar panels

-GROCERIES: must have lots of snacks (or usual plan is quick easy breakfast, lots of snacks during the day, BIG dinner)

The emotions that traveling brings about is something hard to describe. The butterfly’s in my stomach, difficulty sleeping, and only being able to focus on what is to come are only a few to list. As the time gets closer to leaving I can’t help but think about all the beautiful things we are going to experience and how lucky I am to be able to travel as often as I do. MOAB, HERE WE COME!


2 thoughts on “Next Adventure in the Making, Utah!”

  1. Moab is also a favorite place of mine. It’s magical and beautiful. You’ll love it–have a great time! Love your camper. Been thinking about getting one of those A frames myself. Safe travels.

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