Bikin’, Hikin’, and Fishin’ OH MY

Most of my blogs have been about traveling to different places all over the country, which as we all know Kwin and I love to do. But we also enjoy doing adventures around home and throughout Michigan. In this blog I want to talk about a new place Kwin recently introduced me to, and the best part is…IT’S RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER FROM MY HOUSE!

Sand Lakes Quiet Area

I have heard of Sand Lakes many times, but never actually been there. Man, was I missing out this whole time! It is a perfect place for anyone looking to hike, bike, hangout in nature, fish in any of the 10ish lakes, read a book, campout, have a bonfire, and so much more!


This tranquil  piece of property is tucked away on some country backroads; surrounded by a vast pine forest. When you’re out enjoying it expect to hear nothing but birds chirping and trees creaking. The best thing about Sand Lakes is that there’s so much to do, and it’s such a huge area that almost everyone is able to find their own piece of heaven. Both Kwin and I have been going there quite often since he showed it to me, about 3-4 times a week actually, because of how relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful it is.

Spring weather is finally starting to kick in, which means outdoor adventures are officially in full force! This past weekend, despite being super chilly and windy, was sunny so we packed up the truck and headed off to Sand Lakes. We hiked our Tahoe SUP inflatable paddle boards back to one of the lakes for some paddling and fishing.

What better way to spend a sunny May day than outside with good friends, a lake side bonfire, paddling, fishing, biking and two cute dogs?



Sand Lakes, being only 5-miles from my house has easily become one of my new favorite places to go! I am so lucky to live in Northern Michigan, which is full of absolutely breath taking scenic attractions like this place here!