Did you say meet at the gym at 6am?!

In middle school you would have never caught me dead getting up and working out before school started at 6 AM. But for these seventh and eighth grade Cherryland Middle Schoolers the gym, at such early hours, is the place to be!

Starting back in October 2016 Kwin, my fiancé, began meeting with a few of his students every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 AM for some morning lifting. As the school year progressed more and more students became interested and started joining us. Now, as the morning lifting is coming to an end( for summer vacation) we are up to about 20 students!

The progress that these students have made is incredible. Most of them starting at bodyweight exercises have almost doubled or tripled their weights. They have learned  proper form when lifting, endurance vs. building/bulking workouts, and teamwork in the weight room.

Waking up early three times a week, and then going right to school after (of course showering in the locker rooms) is a big commitment. But to these athletes it’s worth it. All of these athletes play football, soccer, basketball, volleyball and track; and are all looking to enhance their skills and abilities in their sports. Weight lifting has been proven to help increase speed, agility and endurance; which makes it great for cross-training purposes.

Accompanying these students in the gym is there Science teacher, Mr.Morris; Cherryland Middle School Principle, Mr.Starr, Mr.Maculuso-History Teacher, Mr.Knight-Teacher at Lakeland Elementary School, Mr.LaFontaine-parent of one of the student athletes, and myself. We too have made the commitment to not only be there for the students, but to also enhance our physical well-being.

Morning lifting is more than just working out; We have become a tight-knit family. Everyone is constantly supporting and encouraging each other, and challenging one another to be the best they can be. I am so proud of these kids and all their handwork they have put in the past 9 months, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!