Explore Michigan , UP Adventures

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, for those whom have not visited before, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Full of lush forests, fresh Great Lakes water, waterfalls, mountains, and so much more. It is a place to escape from the rest of this busy world. A place to unplug for the weekend. And a place to really experience what life use to be like back in the old days.

The Upper Peninsula is one of Kwin and I’s favorite places to go, as we try to make a trip up there at least once every season. We definitely have our favorites; like: Marquette, Porcupine Mountains, Copper Harbor, and Pictured Rocks, but we always try something new with each visit.

With how crazy this summer has been, we both needed a long weekend away to do the things we love: be outside, hike, bike, swim, paddle and just be carefree and active people. On this Michigan Adventure we hit up all of our favorite places!

Day 1:


  • Went mountain biking at Harlow Lake Trails. This was a new trail system for us, out by Hogback Mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain. It was full of wonderful scenic views, and definitely a difficult ride (I may have walked a good chunk of it….)


  • Went Cliff jumping off Black Rocks
  • After spending our day in Marquette we made it back to the cabin just in time to hike up the Cascade Falls to catch sunset on-top of the mountain

    Day #2:

    Copper Harbor

    While in Copper Harbor we…

  • Went Mountain biking, yes we do love to bike, at the Copper Harbor Trails. I will say that this trail is hands down my favorite trail to bike EVER! It is definitely technical and not easy, due to its very rocky terrain.  Plus, the first half of the trail is riding up Brockway Mountain, which gives the most amazing view of Lake Superior!
  • Went Hiking at Estivant Pines- home of the oldest White Pines (Virgin Pines) in Michigan.


 Porcupine Mountains

  • We hiked up to the Lake Of The Clouds for sunset. Such a beautiful place to relax: on a mountain side, with nothing but trees and water in site.


  • Once the sun was no long visible over the mountains we hiked back down to catch the remainder of the sunset right on Lake Superior. This night was perfect!


Day #3:


  • Went Mountain Biking at South Noquemanon Trails which is another favorite trail system! There are a bunch of different trails to choose from with different difficulties; but my favorite is the ‘Green Trail.’  You get to ride right along the Carp River, see the beautiful Morgan Falls and is all around just a fun ride.
  • Paddle boarded to a secret beach where were swam and enjoyed the beautiful 80 degree Northern Michigan Summer day.

IMG_3348              IMG_3325.JPG

  • To finish our time in Marquette we obviously had to go to our favorite Mexican Restaurant-Sol Azteca!


After Marquette we made our way to Tourist Park in Munising where we set up camp. Once settled in we decided to jump on our paddle boards and paddle across to Grand Island to catch another beautiful sunset! (we really did luck out with the sunsets this weekend). The water was beyond calm, and could not pass up the opportunity! After sunset we had a nice fire…until the bugs got to bad.




Here is Kwin’s Video of the weekend!

Weekend Adventures are what keep us both sane! It allows us to unplug, get away from the go/go mentality of life sometimes, and enjoy time with one-another. I am definitely lucky to be able to experience the Upper Peninsula and adventure as often as we do!




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