Did I mention I like Sunflowers?

Ahh, it’s that time of year again…SUNFLOWERS! Only one of the many beautiful things that Northern Michigan is known for in the summer.


The vast fields of bright yellow sunflowers cover the country roadside. Cars parked along the road shoulder to snap a picture with not just one, but millions of them!


Where Kwin and I live, we are lucky enough to be able to jump on our bikes and ride to a couple different fields in a matter of minutes. We take full advantage of this and catch sunset multiple times a week! Because let’s be honest, sunflower sunset pictures are THE BEST!



Kwin recently got a new toy called the One Wheel which is so much fun! Both of us are obsessed with it. You can ride on the road, trails, sand, and supposedly snow (haven’t tried yet..and really don’t want to anytime soon!)

We have had a lot of memories the past couple years at the sunflowers.




First Summer together (2014), the night before I had to head back to school in Grand Rapids.






Summer 2015, when Kwin got home from Africa. Longest time apart we ever had, but we made the best of the summer nights when he got home!









Summer 2016, first official summer living up north!  Only the one of many summer sunflower sunsets.




With our wedding being only 9 days away (holy cow!) can anyone guess what our main flower is?

I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy these beautiful pieces of nature like we do!