Wait, is it really December?

December 1, 2017…HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! 

It feels like just yesterday I was writing my goals for the 2017 year; Like I was planning vigorously for my wedding; And like Kwin was paddle boarding across Lake Huron.

November, like all the others months, flew by so fast; does anyone else feel like they were just wearing their halloween costume? It was full of a lot of adventures, holiday traditions, sauna sessions, and NOT normal weather.

Here is a little review of our November adventures!

Edmund Fitzgerald 

On Friday November 10, 2017 we made our way to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in Whitefish Point, MI. Kwin, Joe Lorenz and Jeff Guy had the honor of ringing the bell of the famous shipwreck ‘Edmund Fitzgerald.’ They were asked to be  apart of the memorial service honoring the sunken sailors who were on the Edmund Fitzgerald 42 years ago.

Stand Up For Great Lakes also announced their Lake Superior Crossing next July!


Tahquamenon Falls 

I had never been to the Eastern part of the Upper Peninsula before…and since we were already up we figured why not make a trip of it! Kwin and I made our way to Tahquamenon Falls, and let me tell you THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!

If you’re not familiar with the area, there are two sets of waterfalls..the upper and lower (The Upper is the most well known because they’re bigger and easier to get to).

We were there after a fresh snowfall, which really made everything better! There is something special about the crisp and clean snow covered rocks and trees surrounding the falls.


Detroit Turkey Trot 

Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays, hands down! I love the traditions, the time spent with family, and the food (who doesn’t love that part!). Kwin and I have done the Detroit Turkey Trot for the past 3 years, and this year we recruited both my brothers to join. Its a fun and beautiful run, especially seeing Detroit grow over the years!


Shoutout to my mom for hosting the best thanksgiving dinner too! She works all day cooking and making sure that everything is so tasty<3


Okay, does anyone else think that November has been so awesome with the sunrises and sunsets lately?! Not only these, but  we been treated with beautiful weather this month too!


As much as I have enjoyed this prolonged fall, I’m definitely ready for a Michigan winter! Bring on the Fat-tire bike rides, the cross-country skiing, the snowshoeing and the sauna-Ice bath sessions!